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Iron Making

New method of producing bar iron is more economical.


We have examined all factors of manufacturing.

Welding Services

Welding is a fabrication process that joins materials.

Ore Purchase

Ore is the key ingredient of steel and most used metal.

About Us


Wide Range of Steel Products

We provide a wide range of products. We have products in aluminum and stainless steel, beams, steel plates, steel tubes, bearings and steel bars.


Steel Fabrication for Your Project

Structural steel is widely used in the construction and manufacturing industries for various purposes and projects due to its ductile qualities.


Marketing and Distribution

We are an integrated steel producer with major production operations in America and Europe and we produce 30 million tons a year.

Commited to High Quality Service

We have furnished steel for many of the largest construction projects in the region and have the estimating, detailing and fabricating experience to manage any project!